How To Unlock Android Device With Cracked Or Broken Screen

1 Method: Unlock Android with broken Screen LCD/LED Using Android Control Program

 1. First of all download the “Android Control Program” from the internet. This is a great software by which you can connect your device to the computer and then have access on its data, control it etc.

 2. After successfully downloading the program you will have to install this on your computer. After installing this program on your computer, Launch it and then connect your damaged Android with computer through USB data cable.Unlock Android

 3. This program will then enable you to control your connected android device by using the mouse and keyboard of your computer. Use these to unlock your device and then after that you can also transfer all the data of the phone using this software. Also Read: How To Change MAC Address Of Your Android Device

2 Method: Using OTG Cable And Mouse This method will only work if your android have only swipe and unlock lock, You need an OTG cable and a mouse. Connect mouse to your android device with OTG cable and then simply press left button of your mouse and then swipe to the right to unlock your android. Unlock Broken Screen Android With Mouse Unlock Broken Screen Android With Mouse