كيف تفتح حسابات متعددة على نفس الجوال --- How to Run Multiple Accounts On the Same App of Android Mobile

1. First of all in your android you need to download and install the cool app that is  “Parellel Space” the app that lets you to run multiple accounts simultaneously.
2. After you has successfully searched for this app, install the app on your android device.
3. Now after the installation completes, run the Parellel Space app on your device.Parallel Space
4. So here comes the real part.If you want to run multiple accounts for any app on the android then in this app first of all add the app you want to run (WhatsApp etc) by taping + icon at the bottom of this app.Parallel Space 2
5. After your app has been added in this app, you can run two different accounts for the same app simultaneously. Like if you has added WhatsApp application in Parellel Space app then you can use two different WhatsApp accounts simultaneously by logging in to both the accounts only once.