How to Identify A Fake Facebook Account Easily معرفة حساب فايسبوك مزيف بسهولة

Tips to Identify Fake Facebook Account Easily:-

#1 Profile Picture

The first thing you will notice with any of suspicious account is the profile picture, if you have any doubt on any of profile picture just do reverse search of the image. For this just save the image on your computer then go and click on the camera option(search by image) and then select your image and then google will check for the image on the web and if you find that image at any other sites like 18+ then you will get to know that the account is fake.

#2 Timeline

The other major thing to notice is the timeline of the suspect. you will notice some common thing in all the fake accounts that are:-
  • Mostly the gender will be female, but not all female accounts are fake.
  • Profile picture will be limited from 2-3 with only random celebrity image.
  • And if the respective person did not update its status and never any of his/her friend comment on his status then probably the account is fake.
  • If the about page of the timeline does not give you the desired info then the account is probably fake.
  • They will only update Spam link on their timeline.

#3 Profiles With the Girls Faces

Generally, the fake accounts are created with the profile pictures of cute girls faces, which attracts another user to confirm their request and then chat with them. You must beware of such accounts and if you find such than surelybacktrace the image with the method given in the first method.

#4 Birthday On 1st Jan

Most of the fake accounts that have detected by our team were having birth date 1st Jan which is very common and easy to set for the person creating the fake accounts. So you must beware of such accounts and take proper action if you find such accounts on your friends list.

#5 Look Up User Activities

Have a look at the suspect activities, if the person is just going to add new friends and had no page liked or any joined group then it must be  a fake account. As the user just want to add as many as friends to just increase its user to promote something later.

#6 Contact No. In Girls Profile

Most of the girls fake profile will have its contact number in the info sectionof the profile, but as you know hardly any girl give it’s no. in the public, so the account must be fake.