How To Earn Good Amount Of Money From Google Plus

To earn money from google plus you just need to add more and more people with you to increase your bucks. Just follows the below method to increase your friends in google plus profile and you’re earning from Google+.

#1 Add target subscribers

To increase people on your friend list always add the people who are interested in being with you and to use your products and also share your posts with the public such that they are visible to everyone, which will result in bringing more traffic to your Google plus page and your bucks.

#2 Include links

The most important thing you should do is creating a page in the about tab of your Google plus profile. Because this area plays an effective role in getting more clicks to your page as it appears just above the standard links section of you page as well as your profile of Google Plus.

#3 Run Google + Hangouts

As all of you are familiar with google plus hangout feature. Google plus hangouts with your subscribers will help you to meet your subscribers daily and consequently review the developments and also make necessary improvements in your products that you share in it.

#4 Create a community

After creating all the good profile, you should create your page with a name of your product also add an “About the Product” details there. This will raise good impact on the community members of your products.

#5 Create a cover pic

As we add a cover pic on our facebook page, similarly you have to add a cool cover pic of your page with a detail of your product that you are selling. Remember a cool cover pic has a very good impression on the members.
Now after doing all above, you can run a business by doing the following things. The above tips are mentioned to have an idea before you start earning.

#1  Sell Products

Now after all the setup you will sell your product in your G+ community and remember that you should have much knowledge about your product than any other.

#2 Promote Books:

You can also promote books on your google Plus account as this is one of the most trending business over the google plus. And also, you can earn lots of bucks by this.

#3 Increase affiliate products

Affiliate programming is something that can be successful on any social media network. So to make your product more and more popular on Google Plus sell more and more affiliate products.

#4  Offer Services

If you’re designer, or a writer, or a consultant, or any service provider, thenGoogle plus is the best market in the social media just like any other social media networks as it is the best place to offer different services and attract more and more user to earn more.